Homewood’s Shoe Repair Hospital NEW ADDRESS


First you should lay some newspapers out on your work area and remove the laces from the shoes. Brush the dirt off with a soft brush, and then apply saddle soap or leather cleaner to the shoe with a soft cloth (you can use a shoe shine cloth or an old T-shirt). Work it in, and then start to shine the shoe. Upsidedown Shoe Repair Hospital Homewood


       Welcome to Shoe Repair in Homewood. Shoes ready when promised. Neat, clean organized shop.. Upfront parking, Shoe Shines, Soles, Heels, Expert Craftsmanship. 205-870-5440.    1818a South 28th avenue, Homewood Alabama 35209

Conveniently located on 28th avenue across the street from Dodiyo’s in So Ho


One and a half blocks off of Highway 31 in Homewood. We repair leather and rubber soled shoes. New heels and Shines.